Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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Skeye UK recently carried out an aerial topographic survey of Yorkshire Wildlife Park using a fixed Wing Drone. The aim of this survey was to generate the basic layers for the creation of a visitors map. In addition the terrain heights (Digital Terrain Model DTM) were to be measured and one seamless aerial photo (orthophoto mosaic) was to be created.

It only took a single flight to cover the entire park from an altitude of 100 meters above ground level. Over 800 images were taken with a recalculated overlap. This is required so that photogrammetric measuring techniques can extract terrain heights form the imagery. In order to achieve high accuracies, ground control points are measured throughout the park using advanced high precision RTK GPS. Upon completion of the survey all terrain heights were computed (more than 50 points per m2 in average!) and one seamless aerial photograph was created buy joining all the images together. In this process the distortions due to varying terrain heights as well as colour differences have to be accounted for.

Previously Skeye was also involved in the creation of this short aerial video showcase of the Wildpark