Wentworth Woodhouse

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Wentworth Woodhouse is a large country house in the vicinity of Rotherham in the United Kingdom. The house has the longest facade of any country house in Europe. Due to the presence of an open coal pit mine in the past many deformations to the house have taken place over the last years. Skeye was asked to perform an inspection of the roof and the facade to record the damages. The drone, Altura Zenith ATX8, was equipped with a 39 Mp camera which took a great number of overlapping images with a geometrically calibrated camera. These images were then joined to create a 3D model in the form of a point cloud. This point cloud was then transformed to a 3D CAD drawing to scale. The images of the roof were joined to create one seamless orthophoto mosaic. This enabled the owners of Wentworth Woodhouse to quickly identify where any damage to roof was located and to be able to measure the scale of the damages. The images of the facade were used to create a 3D CAD drawing. This drawing will enable the monitoring of any changes or deformations in the future.