Stock Pile Survey in harbor depot

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The Belgian dredging contractor DEME asked Skeye to perform an aerial survey of a complex harbor depot. The aim of the measurements was to calculate the volumes of the different materials in the depot.

On the terrain around 15 ground control points were installed and measured using RTK GPS. These points form the basis of all the calculations that Skeye performs on the imagery. In addition 25 points were randomly measured in X,Y and Z to provide material for a quality control check at the end of the project.

For this aerial survey the Falcon-Eye RPA was used and performed a total of four flights above the depot, each around 35 minutes in length. In the office in Rotterdam all the imagery was joined and matched and subsequently a digital elevation model was created. For the stock pile volume calculations it was important that first all the points in the elevation model that would disturb the calculations would be removed such as the feeder belts. This was done using the Qloud software from Quinsy.

Upon completion of the project a quality control check was carried out using the 25 additionally measured points. This showed an average deviation of just 25mm!!