Robin Hood Airport

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Skeye UK was awarded a project right on their doorstep. This site is less than 2km from the Skeye UK office and as such was directly inside the live Air Traffic Control zone of Doncaster Robin Hood Airport. Skeye UK had to carefully liaise with Air Traffic Control to gain permission to fly. This was granted for two flights and during the RPAS/Drone operation the airport remained closed to any air traffic. Through the support of air traffic control and careful planning by Skeye we were able to complete the survey in the two small time slots allocated by ATC. Skeye used the HawkEye fixed wing drone that was developed in-house. The drone is equipped with a 24 Mp gimbaled camera and GPS and flies a pre-programmed flight path to create overlapping aerial images. From these images, terrain heights can be extracted in a dense grid (> 20 points per m2). Placing ground control points in the survey area and determining their position with RTK GPS further improves the accuracy of the data (< 5 cm). The survey data was used for flood analysis and planning for the development of the site.