It is not always possible to rely on human sight, to assess the condition of hazardous facilities, such as flare stacks without potential risk to life. Terra Drone tackle this issue by providing visual inspections using drones, which can reduce human risk significantly, without any detriment to the quality of data captured.


Operations can be undertaken on vessels sourced by Terra Drone or using a clients existing vessel on task. Coordination is key to success and Terra Drone regularly work with other industry partners, to perform subsurface inspections in conjunction with top side inspections.


By capturing imagery to a resolution of 0.4mm, using a combined laser scanning and imagery system, the auto- mated flights ensure consistent and accurate data capture. The service is not limited to the turbine blades, and can also be used on the substation, where valuable inspection data can be captured.




Qualitative thermography relies on analysis of thermal patterns to reveal the existence, locate the position of anomalies and to evaluate them

Early detection of problems using thermography, can help in preventing unscheduled outages, improve the productivity of plant equipment and assets, increase safety and guide corrective action.

Terra Drone can capture a full visual and thermal orthomosaic view of a site, delivering the most accurate output available. The orthomosaic allows the user to easily locate the exact location of the anomalies as well as audit the anomalies on a site.

Thermography is a non-destructive testing method, able to detect and measure small temperature differences, to help find deterioration in assets and plant sites.


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