Port of Amsterdam

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In January of this year Skeye conducted a survey for the Port of Amsterdam. Their question was if Skeye could accurately calculate the volume of a stockpile of sand located near the Africa Terminal. In addition the Port of Amsterdam wanted a seamless orthophoto mosaic so as to asses if there had been any changes in the past year.

Due to the fact that the terrain was located in the control zone (CTR) of Schiphol (Amsterdam) airport Skeye was unable to use an unmanned aircraft. In the Netherlands it is forbidden to fly unmanned aircraft or multi rotor in a CTR. Skeye made use of the Photo-Eye system. This is an in-house development made especially for manned aircraft. In total 1200 images were taken at an altitude of 150 meters above ground level. From these images an accurate Digital Terrain Model (DTM) was produced. In order to obtain a good accuracy, 12 ground control points were established and measured with RTK GPS the day prior to the photogrammetric flight.