Terra UTM

Terra UTM is a soft- and hardware environment created by Terra Drone from Japan to manage multiple UAV missions simultaneously using 4G LTE communication.
This enables Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) mission planning, deployment and including automated image downloading and data processing.

In the preflight stage a geofence can be set, create a flight plan, check the weather and flight information in the project area.

During the flight the drone(s) can be tracked in real time and imagery streamed to a central control room. Manual intervention is possible at all times.

After the flight the data (imagery and or video) is automatically uploaded to the server and data processing for the creation of 3D models can be started.

Automated collision avoidance with other airspace users is currently being implemented by integrating Terra UTM with the Unifly UTM software.

Terra LiDAR

Terra Drone have developed a unique solution for a LiDAR based drone. Whereas normal LiDAR units rely on an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to calculate the orientation of the sensor, Terra Drone have developed a LiDAR unit that does not need an IMU.

We can adjust this LiDAR solution for specific customer requirements including platform types, budget and data accuracy. We have standardised our platforms on industry recognised leading products including the Riegl and Velodyne scanners and DJI UAV’s.

Terra Mapper

Terra Mapper is a photogrammetric data processing software developed in house by Terra Drone to speed up the data processing time taken by drones.

The software comes in two varieties, i.e. a desktop version and a cloud version. The software has some unique features such as the Automated recognition of ground control points and some Advanced terrain filtering algorithms. In addition, the usual features for the Creation of longitudinal and cross profiles and volume calculations are present.

For more information visit the Terra Mapper website here.