NAM Offshore Inspection

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Skeye was commissioned by NAM (Shell and Exxon-Mobile) to carry out an inspection and 3D survey of a large offshore installation in the Dutch waters of the North Sea using a small drone. In February a preliminary site visit was conducted and in March a two man team was mobilised to the platform for the drone flights. For this project Skeye chose to use two different multi-rotor UAV’s, the Asctec Falcon F8 for the close range inspections and the Altura Zenith ATX8 for those moments when the winds would be very strong.

The purpose of the inspection was to conduct an external visual inspection of the risers and J-tubes, the structure, the vent stacks as well as the bridges between the units. Particular regard was given to the coatings, bends, piping, bolted connections, supports and potentially dropped objects. The NAM asked Skeye to pay attention to obvious damage, colourisation, cracks, missing parts, loose fixtures, damage to cables and fouling. The final inspection report was compiled by Bureau Veritas.

For the 3D survey Skeye was asked to create a dense point cloud, an orthophoto mosaic as well as six 360 degree aerial panoramas. Several flights were conducted for the 3D drone survey covering multiple angles so as to avoid shading areas in the point cloud.