NAM Framework Agreement

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Skeye BV secured a contract from the Dutch oil company NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij), a joint venture between Shell (50%) and ExxonMobil (50%). The contract is for the mapping and imaging of over one hundred gas exploration installations onshore in the Netherlands with the use of unmanned aircraft and multi-rotors. This contract is the result of a framework agreement that Skeye signed in January with the NAM following a large successful project that Skeye executed for the NAM in 2013. As a result of this framework agreement the NAM is now the first Dutch company that utilises the technology of unmanned aircraft on a large scale in the Netherlands.

The NAM selected Skeye due to it’s successful track record in using unmanned aircraft in a safe and professional manner. In combination with our large expertise in mapping and inspections of terrains and objects, Skeye can now deliver innovative and high quality products and services to the NAM. Skeye is the first Dutch company to be granted a permit for aerial work by the CAA-NL for professional purposes.

The NAM has as its core mission to locate and retrieve gas and oil in a sustainable manner in the Netherlands. To this effect the NAM develops and stimulates constantly new techniques to work more efficiently and environmentally friendly. The use of unmanned aircraft fits perfectly within this mission as the use of unmanned aircraft is not only more cost effective and safe but also less of a burden to the environment when compared to the use of manned aircraft.