Muse of Rotterdam

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At the request of property developers Wijnhaven VOF Skeye photographed different views from the new to be build apartment complex ‘the Muse of Rotterdam’. This apartment complex will be build in 2017 and is situated in the centre of the city of Rotterdam.

At a height of 75 meters the new apartment complex will house around 100 apartments and will occupy an important place in the already spectacular Skyline of Rotterdam. By using a captive balloon filled with Helium Skeye is able to capture aerial photography in those places where drones are not allowed to fly due to the current regulations in the Netherlands.

The location of the Muse of Rotterdam is situated in a dense urban area and is also located in the controlled airspace of the Rotterdam and The Hague airport. Views from new to be build apartments prove to be a unique selling point for the property developer and aerial imagery have an important role in this process.

By combining the different 360-degree aerial panoramas and artist impressions from the apartments the 3D visualisation company ‘De Beeldenfabriek’ was able to create the future views from each of the different apartments. All apartments were sold in less than 14 days.