Measured Building Survey

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A regular client of Skeye in the UK called us up asking for a solution to a survey problem. The client had completed a laser scan of a building both inside and outside but could not get access to the roof due to safety issues and structural instability in certain areas. Skeye has solved this issue by a photogrammetry based approach with a drone well within the accuracy tolerances for the end client. The UAV approach satisfied all health and safety concerns and access issues and allowed the client to complete the project on time and still within budget.

Skeye selected the Asctec falcon F8 drone equipped with a 36 Mp camera. The imagery from the AscTec Falcon F8 was modelled in to a 3D point cloud and provided to the client. This was successfully combined with the laser scan data to produce the complete model. Detailed flight plans were created to ensure 100% coverage and including a combination of oblique and NADIR imagery.

The survey date was set for early on a Sunday morning when the building was not in use and the surrounding area was quiet. Security personnel cordoned every entrance and a perimeter was set up around the building to ensure a safe distance was maintained by any passing persons. These precautions along with advanced letter drops and campus updates lead to a very efficient and safe survey and the entire data capture element was complete within an hour of starting.