Lighthouse Inspection

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A flying camera of Skeye inspected the walls of a large lighthouse named ‘Brandaris’ on the island Terschelling in the North of the Netherlands.

Recent renovation works showed that the facades are severely leaking in some places. This became apparent when the contractor noticed cracks during the renovation works. The contractor wanted to know if there were any more of these cracks. There were not that many alternatives to using an unmanned helicopter. Usually this kind of inspection is carried pout using a crane. But a crane of this size could not be found on the island and bringing it from the mainland would have been a costly affair.

Normally it is not allowed in the Netherlands to carry out an unmanned flight in a dense urban area. Special permission was however granted to Skeye on the basis that the company holds a company permit for aerial work and that the alternative of using a crane in this location was considered a higher safety risk.

Skeye deployed the Falcon-Eye multicopter. At a distance of several meters from each wall several hundred images were taken at very high resolution. Upon completion of the flying all the images were stitched together in such a way as to preserve the geometry of the tower. The combined image could then directly be overlaid on the original CAD drawings of the lighthouse. In this manner it was possible for the contractor to detect new cracks, determine the exact location and measure the size of these cracks.