Lae Port Papua New Guinea

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Skeye and our sister company Deep BV from Amsterdam carried out a project in Papua New Guinea. The goal of the project was create a 3D model of the breakwater constructions in the new port in Lae. Deep was responsible for the survey under water using a multibeam echo sounder. Above water Skeye carried out the survey using a drone equipped with a photo camera and accurate GPS. 

Skeye flew the drone at a height of around 40 meters above the breakwater and captured hundreds of images that overlap each other. From the overlap of these images in combination with accurate GPS ground reference measurements it is possible to calculate a height and location for every pixel. The result was a point cloud with over one hundred height measurements per square meter.

The datasets above and below water were integrated by Deep and the result was a single 3D digital model of the complete breakwater.