Golf Course Texel

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A large Dutch construction company asked Skeye to perform an aerial survey of a newly constructed golf course. The aim of the aerial survey was to accurately measure all terrain heights. In addition a seamless ortho photo mosaic had to be produced. The project was carried out in December 2013 by using a small drone, the Microdrone MD4-1000 multi rotor system. In four flights, each lasting around 40 minutes, overlapping aerial photographs were taken at a height of 100 meters above ground. Around 20 ground control points were established and their position was accurately measured using RTK GPS equipment. Upon completion of the field work, the camera and lens were calibrated in the office. With the use of photogrammetric software the terrain heights were extracted from the photographs. A seamless orthophoto mosaic was then produced corrected for terrain heights and color differences. The end product was a digital terrain model (DTM) with a point density of 100 points per square meter. The orthophoto mosaic has a resolution of 4cm. Control measurements showed that the average obtained height accuracy is 3 cm.