First CTR Inner Ring Drone Flights

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First commercial drone flight in CTR inner ring

Terra Drone Europe carried out the first commercial drone flights in the inner ring of the Eelde CTR at the end of August. The flights were conducted as part of a campaign for the Dutch oil and Gas company NAM to survey a large number of their onshore locations throughout the Netherlands.

The project was incorporated in a trial by LVNL (Netherlands air traffic control) to explore the mechanisms of how drone flights can be safely executed in the inner ring (within 5600 meters of the airport reference point) without the use of an onboard transponder. During the flights the crew were in close contact with Eelde CTR to coordinate the flights with incoming and departing aircraft. Prior to the flights a detailed risk assessment was created, and flight plans were filed and approved by LVNL.

Three consecutive flights took place just 3100 meters south west of the tip of Eelde runway within the space of one hour.