Terra Drone Europe acquires aerial topographic survey data using a combination of unmanned and manned aerial platforms using different techniques such as photogrammetry and LiDAR.

We have a team of qualified land surveyors and data processors to create accurate and high resolution datasets. Every dataset produced is  checked internally for consistency, resolution and accuracy and a quality control report is part of the standard deliverables. 

Survey Data Aquisition Drone Topographic Aerial

Aerial Survey and Mapping

Terra Drone Europe uses small drones for aerial surveys and mapping of terrains and objects.

3D Model Photogrammetry Drone Mesh

3D Models

We create stunning 3D Mesh models from buildings, offshore platform up to entire city blocks

3D Model Drone UAS Digital Terrain Model

Digital terrain models

We create digital terrain models from aerial photography for volume computations.

Orthophoto Mosaics

Terra Drone produces orthophoto mosaics corrected for terrain heights and color differences.

Volume measurements DTM Stock Pile Aerial Survey Drone UAV

Volume Computations

Fast, safe and accurate volume measurements using a drone

LiDAR Topographic Aerial Survey drone DTM 3D Model 1


New geo-data collection method using Laser under a drone

Recent Projects

If you have any questions about the use of drones for one of your projects then please do not hesitate to contact us!

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