Find an overview of Terra Drone’s recent projects. For example read about the Guatemala Breakwater survey or the FPSO inspection in Angola.

Every line of business also gives an extensive overview of the projects relevant to that line of business and can be found here: survey, drone inspection, visuals.

Recent Projects

Mapping in the Western Sahara Desert

Offshore Platform 3D survey

Aerial Survey Doraleh Port Djibouti

Aerial photograph or orthophotomosxaic

RTK Drone Aerial Survey of the Afsluitdijk

Flare stack visual inspection by drone

Drone inspection of flare stacks and chimneys

Shell PDO Oman Seismic Nodes Dropping

Measuring ground control points for a drone aerial survey

Guatemala Breakwater

3D City model of Basingstoke

Basingstoke 3D City Model

Screendump from final product LiDAR photogrammetry

Caribbean LiDAR

Visual inspection on offshore platform

Offshore Inspection campaign Angola

3D City model of Sheerness Port

Sheerness Port Survey

UAV Drone UAS Visual Inspection offshore

FPSO Inspection

LiDAR UAV Drone Yellowscan Pier Bathymetric Aerial Photogrammetry Survey

Breakwater Scheveningen

3D Model Norwich Castle

3D model using a drone of one of Englands most beautiful castles.

UAV Drone thermal camera inspection

Thermal Building Inspection

Infra red drone inspection for energy efficiency and sustainability

360 video Stena Britannica

360 video for Stena Britannica

360 Degree (Aerial) Filming for a Virtual Reality Production

Measured Building Survey

3D Point Cloud using photogrammetry and a drone

Launch UAV Sierra Leone or aerial survey

Sierra Leone aerial survey with a drone

Aerial survey of six hydroelectric dam locations

Launch UAV fixed wing

6 Cable Landings

Offshore Wind Cables Surveyed in the Southern-East of England

Impression UAV survey Nigeria pilot and observer

Pipeline Survey Nigeria

20 kilometer aerial photogrammetric survey using a drone

Power Station aerial tour

Virtual tour with 360 degree aerial panoramic images

Development site survey

Aerial photogrammetric survey of a large construction site in the UK

Visual UAV flare inspection

Flare Stack Inspections

Inspection of several fare stacks onshore using a UAV

Panoramic image of shoreline in Scotland landfall monitoring

Sea Cable Landings

Seven cable landings in Northern Ireland and Scotland

Stack flare inspection close up

Offshore inspection

Inspection offshore on the North Sea for a construction

aerial 360's Muse 3D model

Muse of Rotterdam

360 degree aerial imagery for future views

terrain model for wind turbines UK

Wind Farm Survey

Aerial Survey using a Fixed Wing Drone in the UK

UAV flare inspection

Live Flare Stack Inspection

Drone pre-maintenance inspection of a burning flare.

Launch UAV fixed wing Dubai dessert

Sharjah to Fujairah Road

Aerial Survey of a 65 km proposed route in the Emirates

UAV visual crane inspection

STS Crane Inspection

Ship To Shore Crane Inspection by drone

point cloud Volume measurement from a drone or UAV

Tata Steel

Stock pile volume measurements with a drone

UAV Inspection  High Voltage Transmission Line

Joulz Inspection

Drone inspection of high voltage pylons

Drone 3D point cloud of a navy building

Appledore Navy Yard

Drone trials with Babcock in the United Kingdom

Skeye drone pilot on a offshore platform

NAM Offshore Inspection

Offshore inspection of a production platform

Nuon Inspection

Inspection of a power plant in the North of the Netherlands

Slope analysis landslide 3D model

Landslip Analysis

Near infra red and colour aerial photography

RGB pointcloud using UAV building inspection

Building inspection

High resolution aerial photography and 3D modelling

digital terrain model dyke drone survey

Levee Survey Nijmegen

3D mapping of a levee for RPS Engineering

NDVI Mapping drone multi spectral

Habitat Mapping

Habitat mapping of wetlands using a drone

Papua New Guinea Drone Aerial Survey

Lae Port Papua New Guinea

Above and below water survey of breakwater

Digital elevation model Noorderwaard

Noorwaard polder

4500 ha of aerial survey of a nature reserve

400 km Road Project

Aerial topographic survey with very high demands in terms of resolution and accuracy

Abu Dhabi Desert Survey

Hottest Topographic Drone Survey Ever in the hot sands of the Emirates

orthophoto aerial survey Yorkshire Wildlife Park Zoo

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Wildlife park mapped using a the HawkEye fixed wing drone.

View of Robin Hood Airport from a survey drone by SKeye

Robin Hood Airport

Aerial Survey with a drone next to Robin Hood Airport

Altura Zenith ATX8 drone with Skeye team doing UAV inspection of a wind turbine

Blade Inspection Scotland

Wind Turbine Inspection with Bureau Veritas in Scotland

Breakwater Georgia

3D model of a breakwater in Georgia with our partner Deep

shot of drone in the sky

Drone Aerial Survey

Aerial survey using a drone of three small areas in the North of the Netherlands

NAM 2015

Skeye will map over 100 onshore oil and gas locations in the Netherlands for NAM.

Placement of ground control markers for aerial drone survey


Aerial survey of water purification site Meijendel using the new Falcon-Eye drone.

Angola Projects

Two large projects were executed by Skeye in Angola

Bridge Inspection

Bridge inspection using a drone in the Netherlands

Train portal inspection

Train portal inspection using the Zenith ATX8 drone

Caterpillar Video Drone


Video footage collected with drone for Caterpillar UK

Wentworth Woodhouse

Roof and facade inspection by drone of large country estate house

Sharkfin Rotterdam Harbour

Aerial survey of breakwater 'Sharkfin' in Rotterdam Harbour.

Stone Depot IJmuiden

Accurate volume computation of Stock Pile in IJmuiden

Sortiva Waste Dump

3D Aerial Survey of waste depot in Alkmaar using Skeye Drone

Aerial Survey N22 Road

High Resolution Aerial Survey of a Road in the Netherlands

Good Energy Video

Stunning promotional video of new wind turbine installation.

Seaway Heavy Lifting

Skeye delivers detailed imagery for the onshore training of an offshore installation crew.

NAM Framework Agreement

Skeye secures a contract for the mapping of over one hundred gas and oil exploration sites in the Netherlands.

Plymouth Breakwater

Combined survey project by Deep and Skeye on the large breakwater in Plymouth, UK

Lighthouse Inspection

Flying inspection of the masonry of lighthouse 'Brandaris' on the Dutch island of Terschelling.

Video Waterboard HHNK

For one of the Dutch waterboards Skeye produced a video documentary on water storage areas.

Nature Park Slufter

Nature reserve the 'Slufter' on the Dutch Island Texel surveyed by Skeye.

Port of Amsterdam

Stockpile survey for the Port of Amsterdam

Golf Course Texel

Aerial survey of new golf course on the island of Texel

Luanda, Angola

12,000 images taken and processed to Terrain Models and Orthophoto mosaics.

Sophia Beach

Terrein heights measured for beach replenishment project

IJmuiden Breakwater

Drone and Hydrographic survey combined on IJmuiden Port Breakwater

Rotterdam Harbour

Meting in de haven van Rotterdam boven hoge schoorsteen

Stockpile Volume Aerial Survey Drone

Stock Pile Survey in harbor depot

Accurate Stock Pile Survey

Point cloud NoorderIJplas Bathymetry Aerial Survey Drone


High accuracy survey using multibeam and unmanned aircraft in Amsterdam

Visual UAV inspection Neeltje Jans

Wind Turbine Inspection Neeltje Jans

Wind Turbine Inspection in the South West of the Netherlands

Aerial Survey Drone RPA UAS Quarry

Bremanger quarry

Aerial Survey of one of Europe's largest quarries.

Aerial Survey Drone RPA UAS Police

Sub CM Incident analysis for Genk Police Force

Skeye demonstrated that sub cm measurements are possible using photogrammetry in combination with an RPA.

Luchtfoto Skeye Aerial Castricum

Castricum Beach

Skeye carried out a survey for owners of beach pavilions near Amsterdam.

Amsterdam harbour survey

Volume measurement of sand mounts in Amsterdam harbor.

Windturbine inspection

Wind turbine inspection to check for gunshot damage.

Chimney inspection

Skeye inspected an old chimney in the heart of Rotterdam.

Beach survey

Stunning results on an aerial survey of a beach in the Netherlands.

Orthophoto breakwater

3D Breakwater

A breakwater was accurately mapped in 3D using an unmanned helicopter.