In December 2018, Skeye executed a survey of a series of large breakwaters with a length of around 5 km on the pacific coast of Guatemala. The survey was done in collaboration with Deep from Amsterdam who performed the underwater survey using a multibeam sonar and CDR international. The latter were responsible for a further study on the subsea and aerial survey results to assess the condition of the breakwater.

CDR international, Deep BV and Skeye BV have teamed up to form the Breakwater Health initiative.

The aerial survey was done using a drone equipped with a GNSS L1 and L2 antenna to allow for calculating the photo positions using Post Processing Kinematic (PPK). The drone flew at an altitude of a mere 50 meters over the breakwater and collecting around 7000 images. These images were then transformed into a 3D model using photogrammetry.

By collecting a large number of extra ground control points Skeye was able to deliver accurate results to a few centimetres and perform a quality check to confirm this accuracy.

Breakwater 3D model drone mapping
3D model of a breakwater in Guatemala mapping with a drone
High accurate 3D model and point cloud made with a drone
Orthophoto mosaic made with a drone on a breakwater in Guatemala
DTM Digital Terrain Model made with a drone on a breakwater in Guatemala
Measuring ground control points for a drone aerial survey
Breakwater mapping aerial survey
Multibeam sonar on a boat together with drone 3D mapping
RTK measurement of ground control points for an aerial mapping project with a drone
Breakwater in Guatemala that was surveyed using a drone