Autonomous drone inspection of wind turbine blades

The autonomous drone solution of Terra Drone as developed by ProDrone for wind turbine blade inspections enables a high-quality and very cost-effective inspection with a downtime of only 8 minutes per blade. Terra Drone uses dedicated reporting software (Blade Insights) to present accurate and consistent results. Through algorithms the software is able to identify over 90% of all defects on the blade. The report is finished by a certified blade inspector if needed. The presentation and delivery of data can be fully adapted to your needs. This solution has been proven and tested on > 3,900 blades.

ProDrone in action during the inspection of a wind turbine blade

ProDrone payload on an DJI M600 drone

The drone and Payload

Our wind blade solution consists of a specially designed payload carrying a 42 MP camera and a LiDAR under a drone. The drone automatically recognized the wind blades of the turbine and autonomously takes high-quality photos of all sides of the blade. By keeping a specified distance – as measured by the LiDAR – to the edges of the blade, the solution ensures high-quality sharp photos of all sections of the blade. The LiDAR also ensures that the size of any defects can be measured.

Close up of a LiDAR controlled drone on a blade inspection

Delamination on a wind turbine blade found by drone

AI and machine learning enabling analysis of blade defects

The results are all presented in the Blade Insights in an intuitive and structured manner. Through algorithms using machine learning and artificial intelligence, BladeInsights can identify >90% of all defects, and create either automated reports, or reports that are checked and finished manually. The reporting and/or data delivery can be fully adjusted to your needs.

Crack detected by a drone on a wind turbine blade

Measuring function on image on a wind turbine blade

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