Visual Inspections by Drone

Terra Drone Europe carries out drone inspection on all objects that are difficult to reach due to their height or unsafe access.

We perform visual and thermal inspection both in and outdoor as well as on and offshore. Most of our pilots are fully qualified for working offshore. We have several pilots qualified for Level 2 visual inspections.

Our safety focussed track record is the reason why most oil majors and heavy industry choose to work with Terra Drone Europe.

Drone inspection clients of Terra Drone Europe


Visual  and Thermal Inspections

Visual inspections by drone are carried out on a wide range of objects from wind turbines, offshore platforms, internal tanks, buildings, high voltage pylons, rail road portals and bridges.

We use advanced software to present the results in a structured manner using different software platforms of which some of these allow for the automated finding of defects using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Thermal inspections are carried out to check objects for heat loss, missing insulation or checking the uneven burning or clogging of flare tips.

Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

Wind turbine blade inspections are carried out using our autonomous drone platform custom made for the inspection of all edges of the blade. Using this platform only requires 8 minutes per blade to be inspected. The blades are photographed with a mere 0.4 mm per pixel! Our BladeInsights software is able to detect >90% of all defects using machine learning and create automated reports.


DJI M600 drone during a wind turbine blade inspection

Drone Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

Terra Drone uses a fully automated platform for the drone inspection of wind turbine blades. Besides the data acquisition also the analysis is fully automatic using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Visual Drone Inspections

Terra Drone is specialised in carrying out inspections at great height.

UAV Drone thermal camera inspection

Infrared Drone Inspections

Terra Drone carries out infrared (thermal) drone inspections for the detection of heat loss

Recent Projects

If you have any questions about the use of drones for one of your projects then please do not hesitate to contact us!

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