Sheerness Port Survey

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Skeye were asked to undertake a series of aerial topographic surveys over a period of 6 months with a drone whilst development of a new car park area was created at the Peel Ports site in Sheerness. This part of the site is an old steel works which has been de-commissioned for many years now. The aim of the surveys was to produce highly detailed imagery and accurate terrain data to facilitate the measurement of stockpiles around the site.

On Skeye’s first visit to the site the team found that the situation on the ground was very different to that observed in the pre-planning stages. On-site risk assessments assessed the site quite differently to the desk-based assessments due to the amount of ground debris, standing water and number vehicles on site. The site required 3 flights at 70m and produced over 700 images. All images were checked and backed-up on site before leaving to ensure the imagery was of good quality. Further to the survey flights, aerial video was also captured for the client. This had been requested so that the management teams could assess progress without the need for specialist software and also have material they could use for marketing purposes.

All imagery was processed with additional quality checks undertaken. 1cm GSD Ortho imagery was provided as a GeoTIFF and compressed ECW. The dense point cloud was classified and used to create the DSM and DTM which allowed for the accurate calculations of volumes without disturbance from ground activity or vehicles etc. Terrain models were provided and were calculated to be <30mm accurate. 1m Contours were also derived and exported. The data provided by Skeye empowered the client with the data they needed for detailed design engineering works on their ground levels. By doing this the client managed to save themselves over £200,000 in fees for removing excess soil. This soil was re-distributed over the site thanks to the level of detail and accuracy in the data provided. Surveys have continued on this site and the final visit is due in March 2018. Construction of the new car park has been swift, and the data provided by Skeye has given the client valuable and actionable data which has saved the client considerable costs and also provided them with great promotional material for future works.