Development site survey

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Skeye were asked to undertake detailed surveys of a new development site set aside for housing just outside of the Greater London Area. The client, a major property developer, was looking to harness the benefits of using UAV technology for a range of purposes and across many different stages of the project. From strategic site selection and early design, through detailed design and construction the client has benefitted greatly from the use of the technology.

By using this method the client has quick access to the most up to date imagery and survey data which is a vital requirement for rapid decision making and verification. Skeye are now regular visitors to many of these sites providing the client with a wealth of survey data, imagery and video.

Not only has the data been well received but the Skeye team have also been integrated in to the wider working plan and we work closely alongside the on-site surveyors to ensure our data ties in seamlessly with everything that they are doing. The data is shared amongst all departments and other parties involved in the project and is consistently adding huge value to their work.