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Skeye was commissioned by Caterpillar to capture aerial video footage for two projects based at their HQ in Leicester, UK. The Cat E Series Hammers. Caterpillar have produced a new series of hammers for their machines. These hammers are able to be used in congested or sensitive areas as the mechanism is noise suppressed. Skeye used our S800 Evo and Sony NEX-7 to capture full HD video of the machines in action at the test ground at Cat HQ. Caterpillar Operators Challenge 2014 2014 saw the return of the operators challenge to CAT HQ in the UK. This was a gathering of the worlds best Cat machine operators showing off their skills. The challenge took part across two sites, the first at CAT HQ and the second at a working quarry. They used various machines to show off their skills in moving various obstacles and completing various tasks. The level of skill was outstanding that really showed off the talents of these highly skilled machine operators. Skeye used the S800 Evo to capture aerial video in full HD using our Sony NEX-7 capturing stunning visuals from unique vantage points.