Castricum Beach

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Skeye was asked to perform a survey at Castricum Beach (30 km North West of Amsterdam). The owners of several beach pavilions wanted to find out if their pavilions were build at the right height as required by the water board responsible for this stretch of beach. A large amount of sand was displaced in order to relocate one of the pavilions. With the use of an unmanned helicopter Skeye created a highly accurate digital terrain model of that area. This terrain model will be used in future to be able to monitor the displacement of sand.

GPS equipment was used to measure the heights of the pavilions as well as the newly placed piles for the relocated pavilion. The same equipment was also used to check the accuracy of the height measurements made with the unmanned helicopter. The results of this quality control were again extremely good. The average difference in heights relative to the GPS measurements was a mer 32 mm.

Check this link for an online view of the data.