Drone inspection of flare stacks and chimneys

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First drone inspection under the name Terra Drone

Terra Drone Europe performed its first inspection under the new company name (formerly known as Skeye) for a large refinery in Rotterdam Port. the aim was to perform a drone inspection of flare stacks and chimneys

The aim of the inspection was to assess the condition of a number of flare stacks and chimneys. In all six high structures were inspected over a period of four days. The team deployed consisted of two level 2 visual testing (ISO 9712) inspectors that are also highly skilled drone pilots.

The inspections revealed some interesting finds such as missing bolts, and dangerous objects lying loose at great height.

Terra Drone Europe has an exemption to fly above 400 feet, which is normally not allowed, which was required on this project as some of the structures were close to 500 feet high.