Building inspection

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The client required a full inspection and high resolution coverage of a historic building in order to complete a building report on the status and condition of the building. The survey had to cover as much of the building as possible but with minimum impact and to the daily activities and running of the site. Skycap carried out a close inspection of the site in under an hour using a high resolution camera mounted on a multirotor UAV. With many years of survey knowledge and experience combined with specialist pilot expertise, Skycap not only obtained high resolution imagery of the site, but also produced a full 3D model of the entire building and wider area. By having a geographically accurate and up to date model in their CAD systems, identifying, monitoring and scheduling works and updates has been made easier and more efficient and has removed the headache and data management issues surrounding cataloguing hundreds of individual images. This technique has now been developed for a number of other clients interested in a range of survey types from dilapidation reports to insurance claims and inspection works.