Bridge Inspection

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Together with Witteveen en Bos, Skeye has executed a pilot inspection for the Dutch province ‘Gelderland’. This inspection was part of the program “Dutch Institute of World Class Maintenance” (DIWCM). For the pilot the bridge over the ‘Old Rhine’ near Babberich was selected. The bridge was low enough for manual inspection and high enough for inspection with a UAV by Skeye.
This way both inspection results could be compared by the inspector of Witteveen en Bos.

Skeye has captured many high resolution photo’s (36 Mp) from both the below and the side of the bridge. These photos have besprekende to the inspector. At the same time Skeye produced a 3D point cloud that provides a detailleer model of the whole bridge structure. The results of the pilot have been positively presented by Witteveen en Bos on a conference of the DIWCM. Also for Skeye it was a positive pilot since the difficult structure of the very low bridge was visualised in a good way. Skeye inspection services will even have more added value with higher bridges.