Aerial Survey N22 Road

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Skeye performed an aerial survey for the Province of South Holland in the Netherlands of the secondary road N228. The aim of the project was to generate a very high resolution and accurate orthophoto mosaic.

As it is forbidden in the Netherlands to fly a drone above a N road (secondary road), Skeye chose to use a manned aircraft equipped with the PhotoEye system. This in house developed system allows the pilot to fly along pre-defined lines, take photographs at predefined positions and log the orientation and position of the images. Data processing is done as if these were images taken with a drone.

The advantage of using the PhotoEye system versus the more traditional methodology of aerial photography is mainly in the costs and the extremely high-resolution photography that can be obtained. Especially for smaller projects the PhotoEye system is a good alternative because data acquisition and processing can be done in a very short time frame.

Ground control points were measured every 200 meters along the road with the use of a RTK GPS. In addition over 100 verification points were measured so as to be able to perform a good quality control after data processing.

The final product was an orthophoto mosaic with a ground resolution of 2 cm.