6 Cable Landings

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Skeye performed a series of aerial photogrammetric surveys at 6 project sites on the South-East Coast of England at the request of Fugro. The project sites were all located on the seafront in locations where future cable landings are potentially planned. These cables run from offshore wind farms towards the coast of England where they will be connected to the main grid.

The cable routes further offshore were surveyed using multibeam echo sounders and side scan sonar by Fugro. The point where it becomes too shallow for a hydrographic survey vessel, and which falls dry at low tide, were to be surveyed by a drone operated by Skeye at low tide.

Equipped with PPK (Post processing Kinematic) GNSS positioning solution, the UX5-HP fixed wing drone from Trimble was chosen as the most effective way to map these inter-tidal areas. The enhanced GPS receiver allows for the precise calculation of where each image was taken to an accuracy of a few cm. With the use of this information fewer ground control points are required. This is especially useful when surveying areas in the intertidal zone.

From the collected aerial photography a full 3 dimensional digital terrain model was produced as well as one seamless orthophoto mosaic (one seamless aerial photograph corrected for colour, scale and height differences).