Terra Drone Europe renamed Skeye

As per 6th June 2022 Terra Drone Europe will be renamed and trading as Skeye which was the previous name of the company after it was founded in 2013 until ownership changes in 2018.

With a recently welcomed new investor it was decided to re-activate the name Skeye. The company operates globally and has over time built extensive track record in the provision of Aerial Survey & Inspection services onshore as well as offshore.

Together with its partners Skeye will continue offering high quality services to its customers around the world

For questions please contact us via info@skeye.eu.

First LUC in the Netherlands issued to Skeye

Skeye is the first Dutch company to receive the Light Unmanned Certificate (LUC). A LUC can be issued by the National Aviation Authority to a professional Drone Operator, after successfully demonstrating it operates under an approved safety management system, according to the specifications of EASA. In addition to being able to evidence the company is able to carry out risk assessments to the required standards (SORA). One of the advantages of operating under a LUC, is the ability to conduct operations covered by standard scenarios, without the need to submit a declaration. Another advantage is; permission to self-authorise operations covered by a PDRA. The LUC is valid in all EU Member States. Read more about it here.


The most reputable drone service provider

Skeye is the leading provider of geographic data acquisition, industrial inspections, and high-end aerial imagery, using unmanned aircraft (UAVs).

Experts in their field, Skeye have extensive knowledge and experience in geodesy, topographic surveying, CVI and thermal inspections, LIDAR, aerial imagery and 3D visualisations into one company.


With operators around the world, Skeye provides a worldwide service, but with the added benefit of local knowledge for each country and territory we operate in

Quality and safety is of paramount importance, we ensure a successful and safe execution of operations in the challenging environments of our clients, both on- and offshore.

Cutting edge technology from around the world

Skeye offer UT Drone inspections with certified thickness, on industrial assets removing the necessity to work at heights.  

The 3D-laserscanning is based on compliance and meets standards EEMUA-159 or API-653

LiDAR Technology

Skeye uses the latest UAV LiDAR technology to provide clients with extremely high quality 3D point clouds at survey grade. The LiDAR data is classified by our dedicated data processing team to show ground levels beneath vegetated areas. The ability of the LiDAR to penetrate through vegetated areas combined with the efficiency and range of the UAV system makes this an extremely effective tool for high grade surveying in difficult areas.


Oil & Gas

Skeye use drones to replace human involvement in hazardous area: confined spaces and allow access to vertical structures. Skeye use different equipment attached to the drone to provide insightful information for everyone to assess.


Wind Turbine inspections are carried out using our autonomous drone platform, custom made for the inspection of all edges of the blade. The blades are photographed with a mere 0.4 mm per pixel!


Skeye perform baseline survey with ease to design, calculate, and plan. LiDAR and Photogrammetry is suitable to provide topographic mapping for that purpose. Check the progress by capturing the situation in a whole new perspective.

Processing & storage

Certified thickness measurements on industrial assets without working on height.

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